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May 17, 2012
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Carpet Cleaning Services from Carpet Cleaners Pro in Mortlake

It’s highly crucial to keep the carpets at the homes or offices clean. That way, one can prevent unwanted health issues and make the carpet look as good as new. Dirty, smelly and heavily soiled carpets will dull a room or space.

That’s why calling in the professional upholstery cleaner from Carpet Cleaners Pros in Mortlake will be the right choice. Our highly skilled cleaners will come to our customer’s rescue when they want to clean their dirty and dust-filled carpets.

We have the tools and equipment and know about all the correct techniques that will help us complete the carpet cleaning work quickly and effectively.

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Why Cleaning the Carpets is Essential These Days?

Keeping the carpets of the offices and homes clean will benefit everyone. Firstly, it will prevent all unwanted health issues, as these carpets harbor small critters and particles.

Microscopic dust mites, pollen, dirt, and other allergens are bad for human health. To make sure these things don’t exist, it’s crucial to properly maintain and clean the carpets.

Another reason to get the carpets cleaned by an upholster cleaner is to enhance the air quality. Every office and homeowner wants their interiors to look the best. No matter how clean the windows are or how dust-free the surfaces are, dingy carpets make a space look frayed.

The flooring of the property will affect the room’s feel. Moreover, it can even impact how it looks. This is not considered to be subtle. Employees and customers will prefer to walk over a clean and fluffy carpet.

How do We offer our Carpet Cleaning Services?

The process we follow to offer professional carpet cleaning services for the customers are marked below:

  • Step 1: Inspection 

The professional cleaners of our team perform the inspection in the homes and offices of the customers. They search for any form of stains and offer the evaluation of the final results.

The experts measure the areas which must be cleaned and offer the customers with the correct invoice before they start the cleaning work.

  • Step 2: Pre-Vacuum 

The professionals of our team eliminate the dry soil with the help of vacuuming. This is considered to be a vital step and we make sure that it is completed smoothly and efficiently.

  • Step 3: Removing all the furniture 

We remove the furniture inside the room like smaller items, tables, chairs, and sofa. We can even remove dressers, beds, and other heavy furniture to make sure that the carpets are cleaned properly.

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  • Step 4: Spraying an agent

We come up with residential and commercial planning services at Mortlake. We have a preconditioning agent which helps to break down the traffic area soil and all the required spots. We offer a thorough and smooth carpet cleaning experience to our customers.

  • Step 5: Pre-treatment for difficult spots

Our professional carpet cleaners provide a pre-treatment to all the hard-to-move spots with the help of a special solution. This increases the chances of removing these spots completely. We use the pre-treatment method for stains like inks, food dynes, coffee, and many more.

  • Step 6: Grooming the carpet

We also have an experienced carpet groomer who will take the responsibility to loosen up the soil if it’s needed.

  • Step 7: Soil rinse and extraction

Our domestic carpet cleaner will utilize powerful rotary extraction cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean the carpet. This equipment offers maximum soil removal without leaving behind sticky residues or wetting the carpet.

  • Step 8: Dry the carpet

Our team utilizes high-velocity air movers, which they place on the carpets immediately after the cleaning work is completed. This promotes a much faster drying when it’s needed.

Keeping the carpets of the homes or offices properly cleaned and well-maintained will not increase their longevity but will improve the appearance of the room where they are placed. The Carpet Cleaners Pro at Mortlake will return a smelly and dirty carpet to its former glory.

Our professional and highly skilled home carpet cleaner UK is available 24×7 to offer the carpet cleaning service to all our interested customers without any delay. Please call us immediately if you want to get your carpets cleaned.

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